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There is no need to give up pretty and feminine lingerie after breast surgery. We carry a vast selection of bras and camisoles by widely recognized manufacturers with all the characteristics hou have always found attractive, as well as special features perfectly suited to your needs.


Stylish swimsuits, well designed and comfortable, this is what the vast selection of models available at Bella Forma offers you. All swimsuits have integrated pockets that hold the swimform in place.

Post-Surgical/Leisure Bras

After surgery, it is often very uncomfortable to wear a regular bra. The post-surgical bras that we offer, several of them with drain pockets, are an ideal solution. They are also perfect for leisure activities.


We offer several models of swimforms specifically designed for activities in the water. Their special caracteristics allow water to flow easily and air to circulate freely, which reduces suction.

Full Breast Prostheses

Bella Forma offers you a vast selection of the most innovative full breast prostheses available on the market in order to provide you with a greater comfort as well as with a balanced and natural silhouette.

Leisure Wear

We offer a variety of leisure clothing with an integrated pocketed bra. Available in fashion colours, they combine comfort and style.

Partial Breastforms

Specifically designed to compensate for missing tissue when the two sides of the chest are not symmetrical, the partial breastforms that you will find at Bella Forma restore a natural, balanced silhouette.

Sports Bras

For your physical activities, we offer you comfortable sports bras made of woven material that allows air to circulate freely. They have integrated pockets in which a full breast prosthesis or a leisure form can be inserted.

Post-Surgical/Leisure Forms

The post-surgical breastforms that we offer are specially designed to fulfill the needs that arise after breast surgery and during the recovery process. They are also perfect for leisure activities.


We offer a variety of accessories, such as pretty scarves and elegant caps, cleaning products specifically designed to gently care for breast prostheses, bra extensions, pads and pockets.

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